Applying for Leaves of Absence for UNA business

It is not appropriate for United Nurses of Alberta members to do union work on employer time. Because of this, the UNA Provincial Collective Agreement allows for UNA members to request Union Leaves of Absence (LOA) on days when union activity takes place.

Section 5.07(a) of the UNA Provincial Collective Agreement, which has been modified in the current agreement, specifically allows for employees to request leaves of absences or time in lieu for union or local business. The collective agreement states that the employees shall not have their requests unreasonably denied by the employer.

Employees must make their request for Union LOA to their employer in writing with at least two weeks’ advance notice, if possible. It is not appropriate for the employer to ask the employee when the union activity is happening.

5.07(a)  The Employer shall not unreasonably withhold approval for leave(s) of absence for Employees elected or appointed to perform Union or Local business or for time in lieu of Union or Local business. Requests for leaves of absence shall be made in writing and the Employer’s reply shall be given in writing. Employees should make such requests with at least two weeks’ advance notice, if possible, in order to maximize the ability to accommodate the request.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your UNA Local Executive or Labour Relations Officer at 1-800-252-9394.

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