PRC process helps bring another RN 12 hours each day to St. Mary’s Camrose ER

UNA’s Professional Responsibility Concern process is getting credit for helping get funding approved for a Triage Registered Nurse to be added to the Emergency Room staff at St. Mary’s Hospital in Camrose.

It was in September 2014 when the Executive of Local 15 at St. Mary’s presented Covenant Health, the facility’s operator, with several PRC forms illus- trating the need for an additional RN in the ER.

“At the time, Covenant Health recognized the need for another RN,” said Local 15 member and Central District Rep Donica Geddes. As a result of the concern, the employer and the Local created an Ambulatory Clinic to relieve ER beds.

The PRC process provided another forum for advocacy that resulted in the decision in October this year for another RN to be added in the department for 12 hours each day, seven days a week, to cover the ER’s busiest hours, Geddes said.

“It took a long time but in that time, the RNs continued to fill out PRCs and just kept Covenant Health on their toes with the occasional ‘knock at their door’ to make sure they didn’t forget. I also met with our MLAs from the past and present governments regarding the issue.”

“All the time and perseverance spent advocating has sure paid off!” Three 0.7 FTEs were posted in October.