Spotlight: Rate of Pay on Professional Development Days

Under Article 35.03 of the United Nurses of Alberta Provincial Collective Agreement, each Employee shall be granted at least three professional development (PD) days annually.

PD days are an opportunity for an Employee to participate in professional development opportunities of interest that are not required by the Employer, including voluntary in-services on unscheduled days.

A Joint-Statement agreed to by UNA, Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health in September 2015 clarified the appropriate rate of pay for Employees participating in PD days.

Employees who work a standard workday are paid their basic rate of pay for 7.75 hours for a PD day. This is the case if it is a regular workday, a “blank” day, or a Designated Day of Rest.

Employees who work an extended workday are paid their basic rate of pay for for 7.75 hours on a “blank” day or Designated Day of Rest and basic rate of pay for 11.08 hours for a PD day if the day is a regular workday. Even if the activity ends after 7.75, there is no requirement for the employee to return to work.

PD days are not considered work scheduled or required by the Employer and do not attract overtime, shift differentials or weekend premiums.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your UNA local executive or Labour Relations Officer at 1-800-252-9394.

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