PRC process results in improved safety at Coaldale Health Centre

The Professional Responsibility Concern process included in United Nurses of Alberta’s Provincial Agreement has shut the door on a dangerous nighttime work environment at the Southern Alberta’s Coaldale Health Centre – literally!

Members of UNA Local 131 used the PRC process last year to address safety concerns including aggressive visitors, dim lighting in the parking lot, a security monitoring system that did not cover all entrances to the building, and a sliding glass main door that was too easy to open at night when they were supposed to be locked.

PRC Forms filed by local members in 2016 resulted in upgrades to the security system, but the problem with the front doors continued. Now, however, thanks to the PRC process, that concern has been addressed too. Local members report that new, more secure doors were installed in January and are working well.

Local 131’s past PRC efforts also resulted in restoration of CPR training for Health Care Aides, reinstatement of Charge Pay and an updated roles and responsibilities document for Charge Nurses.

After a long process in 2014, a senior Alberta Health Services manager informed the local that all HCAs would again receive CPR training, not just those who worked at night as the staff float. This change took effect in 2015.

In addition, when Charge Nurse Pay was eliminated on day shifts in 2015, the local met with management to discuss and create a Charge Nurse duty list. As a result, in the fall of 2015, the listed duties were approved and Charge Pay was reinstated.