Background on Labour Relations Code and Employment Standards Code issues for UNA members

The Government of Alberta is conducting a review of workplace laws including those governing the Labour Relations Code, which covers workers in unionized workplaces, and the Employment Standards Code, which sets out minimum standards that must be adhered to in non-union workplaces.

The Alberta Federation of Labour has made submissions to both reviews, with contributions from UNA staff.

UNA members and other interested readers can read the AFL’s Labour Relations Code submission, and its Employment Standards Code submission. In addition, an appendix to the AFL’s Employment Standards submission deals with how society can confront the issue of precarious work.

In addition, members of the Alberta building trades are extremely concerned about the issue of “double-breasting,” the ability of employers under the current Conservative-drafted Labour Code to avoid relationships with unions by creating separate non-union or ‘alternative union’ spin-off companies.

UNA members are also urged to fill out the government's Employment Standards Code survey.

While the Employment Standards Code only affects non-union workers, it is important for UNA members and other unionized working people to speak up for the rights of all working Albertans.

Click here to find background information on the survey, and advice on the best choices from the survey to most effectively protect the rights of working people who do not have a union.