UNA launches Bargaining Survey

In anticipation of the Demand Setting Meeting later this month, United Nurses of Alberta's Bargaining Survey of the general membership is currently underway and expected to be ongoing through to Nov. 20.

This phone survey is conducted on behalf of UNA by Viewpoints Research and when UNA members receive a call (usually in the evening) the number on your call display will show the UNA provincial office number: 780 425 1025.

The information collected through the survey is confidential and anonymous. The interviewer will know the name of the UNA member being called but has not dialled your phone number themselves (this is computerized), and Viewpoints Research combines and aggregates all responses before they share the results with UNA.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact UNA Researcher Judith Grossman directly at 1-800-252-9394.