How to submit an AHS Leave of Absence Request

How to fill out an LOA Request for Salary Continuance

Effective March 1st, the UNA Provincial salary replacement rate shall be a members basic rate of pay. March 1st is the AHS implementation date for union leaves with pay. Employees under AHS will be paid by AHS at their basic of pay for union leaves. Benefits and pensions will remain intact.

The union or local will be invoiced for the basic rate of pay plus a 15% administration fee for the LOA taken. Those attending union functions on non LOA days such as district meetings or AGM will be paid by UNA at their basic rate of pay.

Expense claim forms must clearly identify actual LOA dates (inclusive of abutting shifts) so the union can ensure invoicing from the Employer is correct. The union and/or local with have to authorize the union Leave.

For those locals not covered under an agreement to allow union leave with pay the UNA replacement rate will be based on your basic rate of pay. Locals do have the authority to top up the basic rate of pay for members doing local work.

Basic Rate of Pay

When an Expense Claim is started, it will automatically start with the Member’s Basic Rate of Pay (as determined from the Employee List). The Member will be able to change this on a per line item basis and should add a reason as to why it was changed in the Instructions field (i.e. the Rate on the Employee List is incorrect).

Submitting an LOA Request

  1. log into DMS and use the new LOA Request feature
  2. this request is then Approved by either the Local, District, or Provincial Office (depending on who is providing funding)
  3. once approved, a signed PDF copy of the LOA Request form is emailed to your UNANet email address
  4. print this form and bring it to your Unit Manager.

LOA is Approved by Manager

  1. return to DMS and click Employer Accepted for the appropriate LOA Request Form
  2. this then creates an Expense Claim with the Salary Continuance line items from the LOA Request form automatically entered
  3. you can then add any Meals, Travel, Accommodation etc. to this Expense Claim and submit it as usual

LOA is Rejected by Manager

  1. return to DMS and click Employer Denied for the appropriate LOA Request Form

Demonstration Video

How to submit an LOA to your employer

How to approve a member's LOA