Temporary transfers in emergency situations

Under Article 44.05 (e) of the UNA provincial collective agreement, an Employer may assign Employees to work at any site to provide assistance in emergency circumstances. An emergency is an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action.

Before invoking this provision, the Employer will assess its ability to meet the emergency by compelling Employees at that site to work overtime.

The Employer will notify the Union any time this provision is invoked and disclose the circumstances that resulted in the emergency.

Both the Employer and the Union recognize that this decision should be made in the best interests of patient care, that the relative costs are not a factor in themselves and that there are times when requiring mandatory overtime may itself create stresses
on Employees and safety concerns that outweigh the stresses and concerns caused by relocation.

The Employer shall reimburse Employees for all reasonable, necessary and substantiated additional accommodation and transportation costs for traveling between sites including parking if not otherwise provided.