UNA response to new AHS Overtime Guidelines

Alberta Health Services has recently released new Overtime Guidelines and a corresponding Overtime Decision Support Tool, which outlines a new overtime (OT) authorization process including exemptions to that process. These guidelines replace the previous memos from AHS regarding the authorization of OT by Charge Nurses.

United Nurses of Alberta has significant concerns with aspects of the guidelines and decision support tool, the ability to reasonably apply them in workplaces, and the potential effect it may have on ensuring units and programs are appropriately staffed to ensure safe patient care.

It is important for UNA members to review the guidelines in detail and ensure they are familiar with the Employer’s expectations. The Employer should be providing UNA members with adequate, uninterrupted time to do this, and the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification.

Please refer to the attached documents for more information about the AHS decision and UNA's response.