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Edit personal info, Expense Claims, Local Admin tasks.
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FirstClass Webmail

Email, Discussions, and Documents.
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You can also still use the classic FirstClass interface.

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FirstClass Apps

iPad and iPhone
Connection Information
Connection Information

Follow these instructions after downloading the Mac or Windows app.

What Is UNANet?

Benefits include...

Get your own UNA Email Address!

UNANet provides you with a Union email address, ________@una.ab.ca. UNA email is private, has excellent SPAM and Email Virus protection, and comes with a support person you can actually talk to.

When using a una.ab.ca email address, communications with your Local Executive, LRA, UNA Staff, Executive Officers, and other UNANet users are always secure; they never pass through the Employer’s email servers (or Telus’ or Shaw’s) and remain contained within the UNANet service.


Join in (current) discussions using UNANet’s Conferences of the latest News and Negotiations with other Nurses (only Nurses, as UNANet is Members only access). Discuss developments in PRC and OH&S. Ask questions and have them discussed and answered in the Contract Issues Conference.


Read and Download UNA Educational Material, such as:

  • Know Your Rights
  • PRC toolkit.
  • How to Run a Local
  • Disability Rights
  • Unit/Office Rep
  • Grievances
  • View the UNA Workshop Calendar and a calendar of major non-UNA Education Opportunities.

At Hand

In DMS, access your on-file personal information. File Expense Claims, view Union pay stubs and T4s, see upcoming Workshops and register directly.

Desktop Access

Access your UNANet account with the Mac or Windows FirstClass app:

  1. Locate the downloaded file (FCClient.dmg on Mac or FCClient.msi on Windows) and double-click on it to open the installer window. Double click on the icon in the new window to run the installer. Click Continue and Agree as required for all the installation screens that will pop up.
  2. Once installed, launch FirstClass app by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop or Dock. The FirstClass Login window will appear
  3. Click on the triangle in the very lower left corner of the FirstClass login window, left of the word Advanced.

  4. After the window drops down, look for the Setup button on the lower right side to open the Service Setup window.

  5. In the Service Setup, enter these fields:
    • User ID = your UNANet username
    • Leave Password field blank. If there are any dots, remove them
    • Server = unanet.una.ab.ca (delete any and all previous text in the field)
    • Do not check Log in automatically. All Check Boxes should be empty. Do not fill in information in any of the other fields
    • Click Save on the lower right corner
  6. Click on the triangle in the lower left corner of the login window next to "Advanced" to close the bottom section as you no longer need to have this visible.

This will return you to the Login window. Enter your password and either press Return/Enter or click the green Login arrow.

Windows 7/8 Users

Windows does not quit FirstClass when you close the last window - the program is still running. It will not open a new FirstClass window or login if you click the icon on your desktop. Check your System Tray (the far right of the Task Bar at the bottom of your screen) and either launch the program from there, or quit it and launch it from your desktop icon.

To avoid this issue - be sure to quit FirstClass when you are finished, do not close the window.

Please call Systems at 1-866-492-8584 if you experience any difficulties with setup or connecting.