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UNA Nursing Education Scholarship

UNA annually awards Nursing Education Scholarships to assist Nursing Students in first year studies at approved nursing programs in Alberta. 

In 2016, UNA will award ten scholarships of $1000 each and one award of $1000 (sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Nurses' Unions).

Applicants must be related to a UNA member in good standing, complete an application form and write a short essay.

Completed applications must be received at the UNA Provincial Office delivered by postal mail or by hand no later than 4:30 pm, Oct. 15. Digital or faxed applications will not be accepted.

The awards will be announced in late January or early February of 2017.


UNA Grants

International Solidarity Fund

Twice each year, UNA provides a maximum of 10 grants of up to $1,000 to UNA members for the purpose of engaging in missions abroad that provide humanitarian assistance of capacity-building to a host community.

Members must apply through UNA's DMS and selected applicants will be contacted through their First Class emailSuccessful applicants must confirm receipt of that email by replying within 30 days of its receipt.

Applications must be received prior to travel and can be submitted through UNA's DMS system.

Funds will be disbursed following the submission of a written report to UNA's 2nd Vice-President. The report must be submitted within 60 days of completion of the humanitarian work. Selection criteria includes the strength of the application with preference given to first-time recipients.

Important deadlines:

  • Applications are due on December 31 and May 15 of each calendar year.
  • For travel between January 1 and June 30, applications must be received prior to December 31 of the preceding year.
  • For travel July 1 and December 31, applications must be received prior to May 15 of the year in which travel occurs. 

Applications are reviewed by UNA's Membership Committee at the first Executive Board Meeting following each deadline.

Nursing Abstract Grants

UNA will provide grants for up to six UNA members annually to prepare and present nursing abstracts. Up to three grants will be awarded with each intake of applications. The amount of the grants willbe determined based on annual Fund income.

Members are required to submit a written application to the UNA Second Vice-President giving an overview of the abstract.

Applications must be received prior to the presentation of the abstract. Intake of applications will occur twice a year with deadlines of December 31 and May 15. 

Only successful applicants will be notified.

The grant recipients are required to submit a written report to the Executive Board after the presentation of the abstract.


Apply for a UNA Grant

Applications for UNA Grants should be emailed to and addressed to the attention of the 'Second Vice-President.' Hard copies of applications can be mailed to 700-11150 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0C7.

A request of every nurse in UNA: Please report all serious injuries!
Section 18 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that an employer must report a serious injury or accident that results in death, injury or hospitalization of a worker for two days or more.
Implementation of Arbitration Decision Regarding Changing the Length of the Shift Cycle
A new Joint Statement outlining principles and guidelines jointly developed by United Nurses of Alberta and Alberta Health Services to support implementation of a recent arbitration decision related to changing the length of a shift cycle has now been posted.
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