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UNA members have access to a number of useful forms and publications, including Seniority Declaration, Perscription Benefit. Many UNA forms are available on the Data Management System (DMS). UNA members can login to submit forms electronically. 

Associate Membership
Associate Membership Procedures96.79 KB
In accordance with the provisions of Article 3.08 of the UNA Constitution, members who have retired or resigned and are therefore no longer paying dues to UNA shall be eligible for Associate Membership.
How to run a meeting
Parliamentary Procedure Guide64.96 KB
A guide to parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules for UNA members.
Introduction to UNA
An Introduction to UNA: The union for Alberta’s nurses2.30 MB
Layoff and Recall
Layoff and Recall (2013)795.20 KB
UNA has produced this Guide to provide you with answers to the questions most frequently asked about layoff and position elimination.
Maternity Leave
Maternity Leave1.13 MB
Occupational Health & Safety
Occupational Health & Safety Form383.02 KB
Prescription Benefits
Prescription Benefit Appeal Form531.38 KB
Professional Responsibility
UNA Professional Responsibility Report142.52 KB
If you have a concern about patient/client/resident risk, safety or staffing levels in your workplace, you should fill out a Professional Responsibility Concern (PRC) Report as soon as possible.
Retired UNA members
Automatic Banking Form72.29 KB
For the Alberta Retired Teachers Association (ARTA) Benefit Plan for Retired UNA Members
Enrolment Form156.61 KB
Retired UNA members are eligible to join the Alberta Retired Teachers Association Benefit (ARTA) Plan
Plan Summary851.86 KB
Frequently Asked Questions about Alberta Retired Teachers Association (ARTA) benefits for retired UNA members.
Seniority Declaration Form135.17 KB
Social Media
Canadian Nurses Protective Society briefing paper on Social Media70.38 KB
United Nurses of Alberta honoured with multiculturalism award
United Nurses of Alberta was honoured with a 2017 Robinson Koilpillai Multiculturalism Award by the Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation at its annual Harmony Brunch in Edmonton on March 19.
UNA reemphasizes support for bill to provide secure and reliable access to donated blood
The legislation introduced Monday will strengthen Canadian Blood Services and help ensure there is always a safe and adequate supply of donated blood so that patients who need blood and blood products can get them when they need them.
UNA supports Alberta legislation to provide secure and reliable access to donated blood
The Alberta government has moved to prevent private clinics that pay donors for their blood donations from setting up in the province.
April 27-30, 2017
2017 AFL Convention
April 27, 2017 09:00-16:30
How to Run A Local Workshop (Member Engagement) ~ Edmonton
May 04, 2017 09:00-16:30
OH&S Basic Workshop ~ Edmonton