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UNA Education

Any member who would like to become more active in UNA can get a head start through one of the UNA provincial education workshops. Run by UNA Educators, the full-day workshops provide a wealth of information and hands on experience with some of the practical skills.

The 2016 Workshops are set for all Districts. Please check the Events Calendar, and this webpage regularly as new workshops are frequently booked.


You must be a UNA member to attend UNA provincial workshops. Once you have a valid membership card, set up your UNANet account. The Events tab provides a way to register for workshops.

Members are expected to register in workshops closest to their residence. 

Executive/Local Function (provincially-funded)

How to Run a Local – Administration (open to new Local Executive members)

How to Run a Local – Member Engagement (open to new Local Executive members)

Treasurers’ Workshop (open to Local Executive members and District Reps)

PRC workshop (open to PRC Committee members)

OH&S Basic and Advanced workshops (open to OH&S Committee members)

Grievance Workshop (open to Grievance Committee members)

Unit/Office Rep Workshop (open to Unit/Office Representatives)

The Local President is ex officio on all committees.

Workplace Issues (provincially-funded)

  • Dealing with Abuse (open to all UNA members)
  • Know Your Rights (open to new UNA members)

Computer Education (not provincially-funded)

Computer workshops are offered on an ongoing basis and are posted in the workshop schedule. Anyone registering for a computer workshop may submit a request to the instructor to have a particular topic included in the session. In addition, a local may request a computer session for their local. The content of these sessions will be created specifically to meet the needs of the local.


On a request basis, UNA is also provides mini-workshops on other topics including Duty to Accommodate, Generational Diversity, Human Rights, Workers’ Compensation Board, and Contract Interpretation. Requests for mini-workshops should be made to UNA's Director of Labour Relations.


Funding includes salary replacement and meals. Mileage and accommodation will be provided as required for out-of-town participants. Direct billing for hotel rooms for UNA Workshops is not available. The member will be responsible for paying for their room and then be reimbursed as per UNA policy.

Please Bring

If you are attending the Dealing With Abuse workshop, Grievance workshop, the PRC workshop, the Know Your Rights workshop or the Unit/Office Rep workshop please bring your copy of the collective agreement with you.

Any Local executive Officer can now register members in workshops using the Events Option in the Local Admin tab of the UNA Data Management System.

If you have any questions, please contact:

How to submit an AHS Leave of Absence Request

February 27, 2015

Effective March 1st, the UNA Provincial salary replacement rate shall be a members basic rate of pay. March 1st is the AHS implementation date for union leaves with pay. Employees under AHS will be paid by AHS at their basic of pay for union...

Nurses learn their rights as UNA Members

February 05, 2013

Members of United Nurses of Alberta learn about their rights as a union members in a day-long workshop at UNA's Provincial Office in Edmonton. The Know Your Rights Workshop offers new members a chance to learn about their union and their rights in the workplace.

A request of every nurse in UNA: Please report all serious injuries!
Section 18 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act stipulates that an employer must report a serious injury or accident that results in death, injury or hospitalization of a worker for two days or more.
Implementation of Arbitration Decision Regarding Changing the Length of the Shift Cycle
A new Joint Statement outlining principles and guidelines jointly developed by United Nurses of Alberta and Alberta Health Services to support implementation of a recent arbitration decision related to changing the length of a shift cycle has now been posted.
February 22, 2017 09:00-16:30
Know Your Rights Workshop ~ Calgary
March 01, 2017 09:00-16:30
Grievance Workshop ~ Calgary
March 02, 2017 09:00-16:30
Unit/Office Rep Workshop ~ Calgary