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UNA Locals are grouped into five geographically based districts – North, North Central, Central, South Central and South. Presidents of UNA locals attend regular District Meetings where they share information, compare challenges and develop strategies. A list of UNA Locals is available here.

Executive Board

District Representatives from each of the five Districts sit on UNA’s Provincial Executive Board.They are elected at UNA’s Annual General Meeting. Districts are allocated one representative on the Provincial Executive Board for every 1,500 dues-paying members with a minimum of two representatives for each District. The Board is the union’s decision-making body between Annual General Meetings.

Provincial Executive Officers

UNA has four Provincial Executive Officers, the president, the first and second vice-presidents and the secretary-treasurer. The Executive Officers and the District Representatives make up the Provincial Executive Board. The Executive Officers direct the union between Board meetings. 


Provincial Executive Officers  

President Heather Smith Local 79 Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre & Grey Nuns Community Hospital
First Vice-President Jane Sustrik Local 301 University Hospital, Stollery Children's Hospital, Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
Second Vice-President Daphne Wallace      Local 115 Foothills Medical Centre
Secretary-Treasurer Karen Craik Local 115 Foothills Medical Centre


District Representatives 2015/2016 

 North Local
 Roxann Dreger Local 37 Queen Elizabeth II Hospital - Grande Prairie 
 Emily Lozeron Local 51 Beaverlodge-Hythe General Hospital
 North Central Local
 Terri Barr Local 413 Edmonton Corrections
 Teresa Caldwell Local 301 University Hospital, Stollery Children's Hospital,
Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
 Jennifer Castro Local 301 University Hospital, Stollery Children's Hospital,
Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute
 Susan Coleman Local 302-N Cross Cancer Institute
 Christina Doktor Local 302-N Cross Cancer Institute 
 Jenna Knight Local 33 Royal Alexandra Hospital
 Karen Kuprys Local 154 Youville Home (Grey Nuns) of St. Albert
 Nicole Van Dijk Local 196 Edmonton Community
 Central Local
 Dianne McInroy Local 38 Wainwright Health Centre
 Sandra Zak Local 218 David Thompson Health Region - Community
 Wanda Zimmerman Local 68 Wetaskiwin General Hospital
 South Central Local
 Eyituoyo Abati Local 302-S Tom Baker Cancer Centre
 Marie Aitken Local 228 Claresholm Centre for Mental Health and Addictions
 Barbara Campbell Local 415 South Health Campus
 Marie Corns Local 80 High River Health Centre 
 Ken Ewanchuk  Local 415 South Health Campus
 JoAnne Rhodes Local 211 Calgary Community
 Amanda Moe Local 415 South Health Campus
 South Local
 Sharon Gurr Local 131 Coaldale Health Centre
 John Terry Local 70 Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
United Nurses of Alberta honoured with multiculturalism award
United Nurses of Alberta was honoured with a 2017 Robinson Koilpillai Multiculturalism Award by the Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation at its annual Harmony Brunch in Edmonton on March 19.
UNA reemphasizes support for bill to provide secure and reliable access to donated blood
The legislation introduced Monday will strengthen Canadian Blood Services and help ensure there is always a safe and adequate supply of donated blood so that patients who need blood and blood products can get them when they need them.
UNA supports Alberta legislation to provide secure and reliable access to donated blood
The Alberta government has moved to prevent private clinics that pay donors for their blood donations from setting up in the province.
April 27-30, 2017
2017 AFL Convention
April 27, 2017 09:00-16:30
How to Run A Local Workshop (Member Engagement) ~ Edmonton
May 04, 2017 09:00-16:30
OH&S Basic Workshop ~ Edmonton