Alberta Nurses encouraged to receive influenza immunization annually

By United Nurses of AlbertaOctober 15, 2012 11:53 (Last updated October 15, 2012 12:01)

Alberta Health funds a universal seasonal influenza immunization program. All people 6 months of age and older who live, work, or go to school in Alberta are eligible for seasonal flu vaccine at no charge.

Alberta Health Services recommends that all health care staff receive the seasonal influenza immunization annually.

Workers in health care settings have a special role in the fight against influenza:

- Health care workers are capable of transmitting influenza to those at high risk for severe influenza illness.

- The National Advisory Committee on Immunization considers the provision of influenza immunization for health care workers who have direct patient contact or provide indirect health care services to be "an essential component of the standard care for the protection of patients."